The promos page will serve as a designated area for new interesting products, free product trial opportunities, and other promotions. As we've seen many times in the past, new products with credible background can emerge quickly before they are validated by the public. This area will serve as a preliminary grounds where they can be presented, away from the News Section, for viewers to evaluate without being given an endorsement. Additionally, there are instances where companies wish to offer free product samples to readers of this site in exchange for feedback on the product. Those opportunities will be found here as well. Over time, products which are proven to be effective and worthy may be transferred to the designated approved products section. Any promo post may be under an affiliation. To inquire about being featured on the Promos page, please世界杯2022入围名单 us.

Theory On The Causes of Androgenetic Alopecia: Glucose, Insulin, and Vascular Damage

I was contacted by an independent researcher who has crafted a theory on the causes of androgenic alopecia, or hair loss. The researcher, "RF", is seeking to share his theory and compiled documentation with a larger community and wishes to remain anonymous. Thus, I have decided to share his work in the Promos section where it can be evaluated passively by the community. Though RF's line of work is not medicine or biology, he told me he has worked in academic research in a STEM field for three years before taking an industry position at a leading research institute within his field, and has published peer-reviewed papers. Click the image below to access the document.


StimuSIL: New Subdermal Stimulation Device

StimuSIL is putting on a webinar for potential investors, patients, and anyone who is interested in learning more about their technology, clinical trials, and pathway ahead. Register for the webinar below. (This is not financial advice)

⏰10:30 AM PST | 1:30 PM EST | 6:30 PM BST | 7:30 PM CET
注册他re ✍:Webinar Sign Up Form

STEMON Introductory Video

STEMON is a biotechnology company from South Korea specializing in exosomes. They have developed an exosome product containing specific hair growth promoting proteins. The product is not available for sale yet. Below is a photographic example of STEMON's hair growth exosomes in a case study. I believe STEMON's topical spray exososome product warrants further testing with trichoscopy from a reputable dermatologist or hair surgeon. For more information, visitSTEMON's website.(more…)

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