Theory On The Causes of Androgenetic Alopecia: Glucose, Insulin, and Vascular Damage

I was contacted by an independent researcher who has crafted a theory on the causes of androgenic alopecia, or hair loss. The researcher, “RF”, is seeking to share his theory and compiled documentation with a larger community and wishes to remain anonymous. Thus, I have decided to share his work in the Promos section where it can be evaluated passively by the community. Though RF’s line of work is not medicine or biology, he told me he has worked in academic research in a STEM field for three years before taking an industry position at a leading research institute within his field, and has published peer-reviewed papers. Click the image below to access the document.

Below are two images from RF taken roughly two years apart.It has been noted that the hair is at different lengths in the photos, additional photos may be shared by RF in the near future. RF states that he believes that he has halted his hair loss and the change is due to diet, exercise, and supplementation; no hair loss medications were taken during this before and after period.

What does the scientific and lay community think of this theory and photographs? The audience is welcome to share feedback in the comments of the latest front page article.

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